Smart Jigger: Fishing Smarter

The Smart Jigger does three things:

  • Catches fish - scores

  • Attracts fish - assists

  • Trolling - assists

Folks often swing the rod while trolling to create the extra movement to get fish to strike. Smart Jigger does the swinging for you, and it proved to be deadly and irresistible.

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The device jigs automatically and it learns! You can teach it your own jigging moves and it will repeat them for as long as you want. You can teach it a different presentation for different species whenever you'd like.

The potential is only limited by your imagination... Smart Jigger can be the game changer in these situations:

  • Elderly?

  • Kids onboard?

  • Guide novice clients?

  • Can't catch anything?

  • Got a two rod license / permit?

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