Q> What is the Smart Jigger?

It is a device that jigs automatically and it learns! You can teach it your own jigging moves and it will repeat them for as long as you want. You can teach it a different presentation for different species, or even for the same species at the same place, just to give the fish a different look.

People often swing the rod during trolling to create the extra movement to get fish to strike. But swinging repeatedly is hard to do because it’s usually heavy. The Smart Jigger does the swinging for you, and proves to be deadly and irresistible.

5x4x8 inches in size, 3 pounds in weight, it's powered by 12V or 24V battery available on your boat

The potential is only limited by your imagination...

Q> How much is it?

The regular price starts at $399. Sign up now to get a 10% off coupon upon release.

Our price does not include third party parts such as a swivel or a rod holder. In the home page picture, a rod holder is mounted on top of the Smart Jigger. We can ship the Smart Jigger with a Cannon rod holder at the same price sold on Amazon, currently at $19.

Q> When will it be available?

Likely March or April 2021. Sign up now to stay informed, and get a 10% off coupon upon release.

Q> Where can I buy it?

It will be either Amazon.com or right here. Sign up now to stay informed, and get a 10% off coupon upon release.

Q> How do I mount it on my boat?

There are numerous Mounting Options documented. The simplest is to mount it on top of a Scotty rod holder base as shown in the PDF doc.

Q> What are the voltage and current requirements?

It works with DC supply 12V to 24V, and typical current draw is 0.5amp, and 5amp is the max. A 7amp fuse is recommended.

Q> Does it work for salmon, crappie, mackerel, striper, walleye, pike, perch...?

Yes, it should. We have extensively tested this product in our region and have successfully caught striped bass, largemouth bass, salmon, kokanee. Due to the current conditions and our location, we have not had the opportunity to test it on other species. That being said, since you can teach the machine how to jig, there are limitless possibilities. It should just work for other species if you have caught them by jigging before. As we continue to test in more waters for more species, more videos will be shared with you.

Q> Is it legal in my state?

We have read regulations in many states in the US, and none have identified auto-jigging as illegal.

In fact, electric jigging reels are sold by Daiwa and Shimano today. Also, there have been similar auto-jigging products to the Smart Jigger in the market for years

Also, pretty much anything to be said about auto-jigging can be said about trolling. There is essentially no difference between trolling for fish with a moving boat (machine operated by human) and jigging for fish with a Smart Jigger (machine operated by human). In both cases you are watching the rod tip and not casting, and in the end, you are reeling the fish in yourself. A boat can move fast or slow, left or right, while a jigger can move fast or slow, up or down.

Some states disallow auto hook setting devices, which detect when a fish strike and unlock a spring to set the hook. This device does not have auto hook set as it does not detect fish strike. It moves at its own speed with or without a fish on.

California regulation disallows "Computer Assisted Remote Fishing". This device is not remote controlled, so it does not apply. It has no infrared connection, no WiFi, no Bluetooth, and no SIM card. There is no wireless connection at all, and the only cable is the power cord.

If you have confirmed information on legality (something in writing from authority with reference to specific section of a regulation that the device violates, not just "I called" or "I was told") for your area, please write to us at info@sunfran.com, and we will post it here.

Q> Why should I have a machine to help me fish, does it defeat the purpose of sport fishing? Is it just lazy?

For the same reasons you have a downrigger or a trolling motor. It's another tool to help you catch more fish.

In a broader sense, a boat is also a tool. There is no difference between trolling for fish with a moving boat (machine) and jigging for fish with a Smart Jigger (machine). In both cases you are watching the rod tip and not casting, and in the end, you are reeling the fish in yourself.

Imagine an elderly and disabled person who had enjoyed fishing their whole life still wishes to see a fish strike, but no longer has the physical strength of the past.

Imagine grandparents and parents taking the kids fishing, having them watch a couple of Smart Jiggers catching fish. It would be a lot more fun than messing with worms and the kids getting bored quickly.

Imagine a fishing guide taking novice clients out on trips, having Smart Jiggers doing the guide's presentation will be a lot more efficient in catching fish than teaching the clients to fish for the first time. Clients can still learn to fish if they choose, the Smart Jigger just gives them another great option and better odds in catching fish.

Fishing can be extremely slow. Having a device that can fish alongside myself while I still do my own casting and jigging was the reason we came up with this device. And, when I am tired or taking a lunch break, the machine is still working for me.