The Smart Jigger, created by a father-son duo, is an assistant that is present when needed, but doesn’t impede on your own experience. Helpful to elderly, those with physical disabilities, or even children without the patience or strength, the device would do the busywork while the user would still be there for the high action moments

Ray: I love fishing, but I am still new to the game as I only had the time and resources in recent years. I am not the running-and-gunning type, rather I stay in a local area where I cast and jig. There were days when I caught nothing, and did not see anything on the fishfinder either. I asked myself, there must be fish in the area I am in, but how do I increase the chance of catching them without randomly driving the boat around, hoping there will be fish elsewhere? As a regular DIY-er with a Ph.D. in physics, I started working on iterations of a jigging device with help from my son Kevin. As a result, a smart jigging device was born. My tests have shown that with the device fishing one rod, and myself on another, my chance of catching fish more than doubled because the device is much better than myself as it never gets tired.

If you are like me, you'd love this thing, as I have not skunked since I started testing this machine.

Kevin: Hey everybody, I'm currently a high schooler (rising senior), and I have been doing my best to help out where I can. As someone who grew up in the Silicon Valley, I've been surrounded by technology and innovation for as long as I can remember. Knowing that my dad loves to fish and has been working on this idea for quite a while, I did what I could helping him, such as technology and market research, draft and proofread the patents. I'm also trying to help set up this web site, and social media platforms to get the word out.

Of course, most of this is still a work in progress, but we hope that you, the reader, will continue to support us if you're interested. Thanks for taking time to read about us too!

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